So, dear. I came here to share my reasons to love so much WHI.

It all started with pictures.

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Before articles we just share pictures, but not just any kind of pictures. Pictures with inspiring quotes, with empowerment, LGBT, fashion, lifestyle.... I think that this kind of pictures made me find myself as a person, develop my tests and goals and discover who I am and don't be afraid to tell this to the world.

Me, myself and I.

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WHI helped me to work with my self-esteem. I have really deep problems with this and since I logged to WHI I've been feeling more confident and happier with myself.


Since I started to read articles I don't wanna know about anything else in life, haha. I discover things about the world, education, fashion, food, lifestyle, series, music... Everything you can find out in articles. I found new passions and hobbies on WHI articles, so THANK YOU ARTICLES for improving my knowledge.

Writing articles.

So, as I said before, reading articles helped me to discover new things, so I improve my knowledge. BUT, writing articles I learned a lot of things too. Besides sharing things I love, I still practice my English.


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So, we WHI lovers already saw or did some project right here. I think it is so inspiring <3 Projects like #BeKindToAnimals and #LanguagesExchange shows that we help to develop this social media. I totally love it.

Respect the others.

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WHI is always teaching us to love and respect the others. Just see the LGBTQ channel and the Empowerment channel.

Thank you WHI.

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See you all in the next article.