You were the rose, in all our lives, spreading your sweet fragrance as Lifes’ Waves ebbed on and On and On!!!
As you left us at the doorstep of Allah!!
It Broke my Heart to Lose YOU, but you didn’t go Alone,
a part of ME and the rest of our Family, went along with YOU, the Day Allah Called You Back To Him.
what is needed more off in this World except you
Even though I had to accept the unspeakable pain I went through I ventured by your departure
Ammi words will not be enough to tell you how much I miss you
I remember your sweet smile forever in me imprinted
The cuddles of your arms where I felt protected Your beautiful smile brightening my horizon renews.
I was not finish loving you Ammi! As I grew up more and more,
learning to know you I felt getting closer and closer … step by step …
I had walked a few I wanted to become your closest ally so you could rely on me.
I wanted to protect, help and take care of you every day
As you had spent so much of your time caring for me and my siblings
I was your girl and connected to you even in my dreams I was going to be there for you… undertaking your relay.
My tears are still flowing for you from my broken heart, a tear ingrained in my soul
I cannot resolve the unfinished puzzle
As if that fateful day, you had left with a piece of me.
I will forever love you …you’re the sweetest Ammi