hello loves! so! i am going to do a little article on my favorite things, this article will have inspiration from both the "this is me challenge" and the "if i were a..." challenge.

lets get going:
ALL CAPS - favorites
lowercase - if i were a


Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, rose, and pink image shoes, heels, and aesthetic image girl, home, and ideas image
red, shades of blush pink, nude shades, white and black


fashion, girl, and style image sahar luna, sahar, and luna image Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image


flowers, beautiful, and white image flowers, rose, and white image flowers, rose, and pink image Image removed
white/blush pink roses

if i were a body part

girl, beauty, and model image Angelina Jolie image
the face: i've been told i have a nice face and the face is the first thing you see when you meet someone


city, sunset, and sun image Image by lamia
sunrise: its a new day, great lighting, birds chirping, definitely my favorite time of day.

if i were a decade

Temporarily removed 90s, actress, and awards image Clueless, as if, and movie image 80s, 90s, and alternative image
the 90s is my favorite decade hands down, and my mom always says i would've loved the 90s.


Image removed friends, quotes, and rachel green image Image removed friends, quotes, and tv show image
rachel green is so similar to me i just love her character

if i were a view

landscape, mountains, and nature image Temporarily removed background, flowers, and nature image nature, flowers, and photography image


lion, animal, and wild image girl image lion, Powerful, and Queen image adorable, animals, and lion image
lionesses are such strong lovely animals and since i am a leo i feel more connected with them

Last but not least


Temporarily removed harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image gif and harry potter image always, book, and books image
im in love with the series harry potter just a little bit

thats it for this article, one of my longer ones but i liked how it turned out :)

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xo, G