“Do well in your class.” “Get good grades.” "Do not say you have tried your best until you actually did.”
I carried this before I realised it had been a part of me.
I carry the weight of high school with the pressure of getting into a college of my desire.
Feeling like there is nothing I can do whenever I fail a test though I know I can carry myself to success.
Feeling proud of myself whenever I see a score I wanted and earned with the sleepless nights.
I carry the small blue woven bracelet on my wrist with a small ring in the middle that means so much but is so small.
I carry a beaded bracelet on my ankle given by a friend the summer I realized my stand in this world.
A 7 to 15-pound backpack I carry every day of every weekday through a dreadful cycle.
The journal that keeps me from forgetting my duties of a student.
The binder with a photo strip of some of my true friends who have seen me struggle to the worst.
A book to drift me off from reality to a new dimension.
Tangled earphones that turn on my imagination and teleports me to a new world.
My phone the machine that ruins me and breaks me.
The pens that write words that mean so little. The highlighters that open new ways of thinking.
The piles of books arching the back of my spine with the stress and anxiety in each class day by day.
I carry the painful weight of the false friendships that I have had.
I carry the feather like weight of the true friendships that I have created.
I have the ability to make my friends smile though I do not know how to help myself grow
I carried some friends for years, some I do not carry anymore and some I just started to carry.
I carry the weight of the mask that covers my face for most of the days of the past.
I carry the pretend and the true through a never-ending cycle. The regrets of those years.
I carry the fear of what ifs.
I carry my mind for it is like a labyrinth with ends and endless paths.
I carry the fear of being alone.
I carry the sleepless nights daydreaming my perfect life
I carry confusion, hate, and passion.
I carry my hopes and my opinions that led to improvements or advantages.
I carry my dreams and what I aspire to be.
I carry the one hobby I love and hope to be known for.
I carry the dreams of the everlasting gazes of past generations, some who have gone to a better world.
I carry my violin for it is all that I have left of some.
I carry the countless wonderful memories I am able to have due to my parents hard work.
I carry onto the quotes and bible verses that I read day by day.
I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me.
For we walk by faith and not by sight.
I carry the benefit of living in this nation, this prosperous city.
I carry the thought of nations that have so little but are so happy.
I carry individualism.
I am myself and if you do not care then you do not and won’t have to carry me.
For one thing is certain : I will carry myself till the end.