What if we were dating right now? Hugging, kissing, texting like we have no care in the world. What if we were just some kids in love? What if every night we had a 2 hour lasting call with endless conversations, what if we never got tired of each other, what if we were inseparable. The best couple people have ever seen, the most understanding, trusting couple. But reality sets in and ‘what if’ is just a game where we say what we truly want but never will have. We live in a society where trust and love doesn’t exist anymore. People now stab you in the back like it’s fucking nothing. People play each other for their own amusement, as if its a game. ‘What if’ is a stimulation of what we want but can not have. What if i was the only girl you talked to and the only girl you truly wanted? All i want is for you to say that i’m the one you want and nobody else, that is all i need to hear. Maybe you came back for a reason? Maybe our time isn’t now but perhaps later on or, maybe i should stop overthinking this and genuinely trust you and give you another chance. But what if i do, let you in and you leave me? Use me? Talk to other girls? I know you talk to other girls and i also talk to other boys so asking fro you to stop would be hypocritical of me, but i know that i would drop all of them in a heartbeat for you, the thing is i don’t think you would do the same for me. So what is the point of having you as a priority when i’m only an option to you?