H E L L O ! Sorry I haven't written an article in while. I have this big playlist post coming up, that I have been making for days. So that will be coming up soon don't worry. So on this post, I'll be showing you some cute and aesthetic tattoo ideas. I feel like a classy, meaningful, simple, and lovely looking tattoo isn't a bad idea once you're older. Without further due:

โŸผ : within a section
โŸพ : section

โŸพ Spirit Animal

aesthetic, slytherin, and small image Image by ~Cettina~ tattoo, bee, and aesthetic image tattoo, fashion, and girl image hedgehog tattoo image Temporarily removed

This one can be very minimalistic or not. Like the snake or the bee, it can be a simple outline. If you want something with more color like the porcupine. It can be an animal that you love or even your house from Harry Potter.

โŸพ Flower or Plant

tattoo, flowers, and rose image tattoo, flowers, and art image tattoo, rose, and flowers image tattoo, rose, and flowers image Temporarily removed tattoo, flowers, and art image amazing, art, and beauty image tattoo, body, and leaves image Image by ๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘›๐‘ก๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐Ÿ’ซ Image by Divine Queen

Flower tattoos are quite lovely and simple. The thing about these is like the one behind the ear can work in quite a few places. For some tattoo artists, you can bring the flower in that you want and they tattoo it for you. They look wonderful when tattooed with color. It can even be your birth flower.

โŸพ Constellation or Zodiac { for this one I'll be making a section for each zodiac }

โŸผ Aquarius { January 20 - February 18 }

Temporarily removed aquarius, body, and fish image

โŸผ Pisces { February 19 - March 20 }

tattoo and pisces image Temporarily removed

โŸผ Aries { March 21 - April 19 }

aries, art, and tattoo image aries, tattoo, and tatuering image

โŸผ Taurus { April 20 - May 20 }

tattoo and taurus image black beauty, black women, and body image

โŸผ Gemini { May 21 - June 20 }

inspiration, tatoo, and constellation image Temporarily removed

โŸผ Cancer { June 21 - July 22 }

tattoos ideas, boy, and girl image cancer and zodiac image

โŸผ Leo { July - August 22 }

Tattoos, stars, and constelacion image arm tattoo, art, and black image

โŸผ Virgo { August 23 - September 22 }

Temporarily removed tattoo, ink, and mermaid image

โŸผ Libra { September 23 - October 22 }

Libra, scorpio, and art image estrelas, Libra, and stars image

โŸผ Scorpio { October 23 - November 21 }

astrology, galaxy, and minimalist image Temporarily removed

โŸผ Sagittarius { November 22 - December 21 }

Mature image tattoo image

โŸผ Capricorn { December 22 - January 19 }

Image by Magdalen Temporarily removed

Remember that some constellations are put upside down and some signs vary design. So research what you want.

โŸพ Inspirational quote, phrase, or word.

aesthetic, Tattoos, and keep going image Temporarily removed tattoo, quotes, and save image tattoo, brave, and be brave image Image removed fashion, girl, and phrase image aesthetic, article, and fashion image tattoo, quotes, and believe image

You can choose any quote in any place. Whether something you always want to remember through life or something someone special told you. I think the wrist is the best place because you can look down and always remember what you stand for.

โŸพ Matching Tattoo

Temporarily removed indie, pale, and Tattoos image tattoo, always, and red image tattoo, travel, and heart image tattoo, triangle, and couple image bff, hearts, and photography image

This is always lovely but remember people leave or change. If you're getting matching tattoos remember to get one that doesn't need the other. Something that stands on its own.

โŸพ Doodle

Temporarily removed tattoo, waves, and summer image black, passion, and tattoo image Image removed ink, minimal, and minimalist image tattoo, feet, and world image tattoo, eye, and jeans image tattoo and girl image

This can be the smallest thing in the world. I think these kinds of tattoos define you. If you love the ocean with a passion get an ocean tattoo. It's a little reminder of yourself.

โŸพ Fandoms

tattoo and harry potter image deathly hallows, fandom, and harry potter image Temporarily removed tattoo, hunger games, and mockingjay image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Is your fandom your life? The answer if a fangirl is most likely yes.

โŸพ Artwork / Picture

tattoo, art, and aesthetic image tattoo, art, and kiss image art, clocks, and colours image body art, edvard munch, and tattoo image tattoo, the beatles, and art image tattoo, art, and van gogh image army, euphoria, and tattoo image

These are so incredibly lovely. I believe they take a while to make though.