It's hard to be shy, to understand a shy, to try to break free from shyness. You open a loop once, and she looks for an address, and she does not want to go any further.

We are that kind of person who blushes when she is praised, who does not look into his eyes when he is looked at, who does not stop without stuttering when he starts a conversation, - and if he starts the conversation - he prefers to keep the question of what to ask, to think that the next day you will have a commitment that involves: people, conversations and staying away from your safe harbor.

"Ufa!". All this makes the palm of our hands look like intense, fluid waterfalls that run through our fingers in the form of sweat. It's no use drying on the coat, the pants, the towel. It seems to be endless, and that's just the beginning.

Speaking the truth ...

It's unanimous! Every shy woman wants to be praised, she wants to hear sweet words addressed to them, she wants to look in the mirror and say: "Today I am beautiful!" And be heard by hidden ears that will respond to this thought with the simple compliment: "Wow! How beautiful you look today! "

But ... It seems that at the moment of action everything becomes more real and more complex. (Because?)

Our cheeks flush, the saliva is dense, heavy and it does not seem to pass through our throats, forming a set of fears, cravings and fears trapped in our mouth. The blood seems to slip from our face and it will stop at our feet, but inexplicably the red takes over our face, and our legs stand still without explanation.

Sometimes the only thing we want is an instruction manual that will help us deal with the most diverse situations, however, that is beyond our reach.

Shyness comes in several stages (levels), and this varies from person to person. We have that 1% that does not hurt, puts us in balance with ourselves, but there is that level of shyness that is or exceeds 75% (I can fit into it), where everything around us seems to collaborate to be consumed by shyness.

We can not take 100% of guilt .... In life, we come across experiences, situations and scenes that inject into our brain memories that often make us introverted, sensitive and fearful. And the situation becomes more complicated when the people around us do not understand the situation well, and end up judging us as weak, unmotivated, sensitive, lonely and antisocial.

But ... What goes on in a shy woman's mind when everything and everyone does not seem to understand her shyness? And more ... The most embarrassing and funny situations that all shy goes!

  • I'm not so familiar with English!