Hey guys. I wanna practice my writing and creative skills and I thought a random article would be a good start.

This is so not planned so it will get a bit messy I guess, But.

enjoy x

You know that feeling when you have all the opportunities on the world and suddenly your mind clears? That's the case for me right now. But I guess writing that down is better than nothing or some forced sh*t.
So... why is that? Why do we suddenly can't think of anything if someone leaves the choice to us? Is it because we don't know what we want? Is it because we're too overwhelmed? I guess it's both, at least for me.
However I think this is something one can practice.

Anyways writing for me is a good method of getting my thoughts sorted out because writing them down makes me see them. You know what I mean? My thoughts become words, something physical, something to work with. Something you can move around and sort. Once you discover this you got a powerful way to get your head straight when you're in down or upward spiral. That's my opinion at least.

That's it for me. My first writing practice without any operating instructions.

ly, laura x