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Welcome to day 2 of the get to know me challenge. Today we will cover fears and why they're fears. Once again, I will link the challenge below so you guys can give it a try. I hope you enjoy.

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i. Glossophobia (fear of public speaking)

Glossophobia, fear of public speaking, started when I first learned of my speech disorder. I don't remember when I found out but I do remember my first year of speech therapy being 3rd grade. I started resenting school as I was afraid of people making fun of my stutter. This is something I still deal with today, just not as bad. The best thing is that I know i'm not the only person that has this fear.

ii. Entomophobia (fear of insects)

This fear of insects all started with a reaccuring dream of a male teen getting eaten alive by ants in a basement of this scary house up the hill. Ever since then I have completely hated 99% of insects. Spiders have this paralyzing effect on me, ants make me itch until my skin comes off, and catapliers, well they're just not easy on the eyes.

iii. Trypophobia (fear of tiny holes)

HEAR ME OUT OKAY, TINY LITTLE HOLES THAT ARE CLOSE TOGETHER ARE WEIRD TO LOOK OUT. This all started when I looked at a dumb facebook post which had the holes on someone's skin and I saw it once on an animal's back. They remind of a disease and I always think of the plague whenever I see him (i suddenly don't know of any other disease)

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Thank you for reading this! I'm 2.5 seconds away from dying over the insects and holes I'm imagining. I didn't put pictures just incase someone else shared these fears and don't like looking at him. Also because I really didn't want to look at this.

love, billie

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