Hello, my fellow WeHeartists!

I am back again with my Positive Thought of the Week. I love to be able to spread good and happy vibes as that's something everyone needs, right? Here is my thought for the week:

You are Strong!

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In life, we go through events that shape who we choose to become, whether they are good or bad. We also encounter people who help us grow as individuals whether they help build us up or tear us down to our lowest points. You may ask yourself at times: Why am I in so much pain? Why do people keep hurting me?


I understand 100% if you feel like this as I've asked myself these questions millions of times before, believe me! I'm sorry that I don't have the answers to them but I can say this:

You'll be okay!
You're so beautiful just how you are, both inside and out!
You are going have better days!
You will be rewarded after going through all this hardship!
Good people are out there looking for someone like you, just be patient!

Have faith that life has a plan for you and that things are going to get better and work themselves out in time. I know it sucks waiting but please, PLEASE hold on as the sun does shine through the clouds. If you are really struggling with positivity and seeing your self-worth, talk to an individual you trust about your emotions. I promise you there is always someone who will care about you and be there for you no matter what.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my Positive Thought of the Week and I'll post another next week. Thanks to #TheSmileProject for the support to write more articles and bring positivity to the WeHeartIt community. Message me for article suggestions and have a great day! :)