Dressed in dark tones, surrounded by people who felt the same sadness that I have, but he was there dressed in a suit handsome as always. He gave me a gesture similar to a smile and approached me with the sweetness that always characterized him.

-Baby, let's get out of here- He said and walk out from the front door. Dazed with his words, I stayed static for a few seconds when I reacted about what he just said to me. I turned around and ran in direction of the front door.

Leaning on his car as if he was for a cover photo of a magazine, I approached him with a kiss full of love, and without saying anything, we got into the car.

We don't have a destination; we just wanted to flee from the present. With a few dollars in our pockets, we made our first stop. A gas station, while he was loading the tank I walked to the gas station store to buy snacks and drinks for the trip in my head something told me that this would be the last meal of the day.

I came out with my hands full of Snacks and Drinks when he told me while I was walking. -Look, there is a flea store right next to the gas station. Let's change this clothes with one more comfortable, and again without words, I left the snacks in the car and walk to the store with him. We changed our dress clothes for sandals, shorts, and t-shirts, We paid in cash and headed to our car.

The full album of The Luminners sounded repetitive as the sun went down. The colors of the sunset were beautiful while we hummed the songs again and again until the sky darkened completely. The lights of the road hit us in the eyes like some flashes of a camera.

I felt complete and it was clear that I was enjoying this crazy trip, that we were doing. We finish all the food and the gasoline tank was getting kind of low.

He told me that he would call a friend who lives nearby to let us crash his house tonight. Accented with my head and the next act, he was talking on the phone while I watched as the lights passed quickly to my right.

We arrived at his friend's house feeling a little tired but I can't sleep knowing that he was next to me living the moment. His friend greeted us at the door of his house with open arms and a beer in his hand. Apparently, he wasn't alone and in fact, there were a few people in the living room with instruments, cigarettes, and beers in hand. Looks like a very good party there.

With a half-finished beer in my left hand, I danced with him on the table while the others played catchy songs. Between music, beer, cigarettes, conversations, and extreme laughter the party turned into two. He didn't want to stop, but some of them left some others to fall asleep.

I felt that dawn was coming soon, and him with the sweetness that characterized him and I loved so much, appeared with a blanket and two pillows. he arranged them quiet in the middle of the room.

Lying on the floor with his eyes towards me, he signaled me with love to lie next to him. My heart started to beat faster than normal because I was having a million of feelings that were jumping through my head. I sat next to him and with a tear on his face, he took my face with his right hand and told me.

-Honey, everything will be fine. Please, never forget how much I loved you because you always will be my other half, and you will never be alone because I will take care of you forever. -

I did not get the words because I didn't understand anything or maybe I didn't want to understand it. He kissed me gently on the lips and as I closed my eyes I began to feel his absence.

I opened my eyes again, and the only thing I saw was our untidy room where I stretched out between the blankets with your clothes in my arms full of tears.

He had the nerve to leave me without even saying goodbye, but now he leaves me with the sensation that at least, he managed a way to escape from wherever he is to give me his last goodbye in the way that only he knew how to do it.

By Dayana Vera
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