You are only able to understand her by little pieces, but you still adore her somehow...

Image by IEVA

She's dealing with all her problems on her own with the little note that everything is temporary.
She's trying to get through all the barriers in her life by herself, because she is indeed strong and ready to fight like a girl.
She's taking control over herself and pretending to be completely fine, why she does that? Well you don't understand and she can't explain.
She's a mystery for you, but actually it's like she is poetry but sadly you can't read.
She's listenling and thinking about every single word that has been said but usually ends up just being quiet, quiet people have the loudest minds remember that.
She wants to be so much more than everyone wants her to be but she's way to anxious of all the consequences that could possibly happen.
She can't get her heart broken anymore, because you can't break a broken heart honey.
She's loving you so deeply and pationated, you could tell her every terrible thing you ever did and she would love you anyway.
She's just trying to be someones forever, your forever.

But she knows that she will be ok if it doesn't work out, because even your worst days only have twenty-four hours babe.

She's like a big question mark for you, isn't she?
She's just a mind of a female...