My style, whether we're talking about fashion or in home decor, is a mix of many different styles. I don't have one particular style that I always stick with because that would get boring to me and if I see something I like, I want it even if it doesn't fit into one category. My particular look can range from cute, simple and vintage to edgy, vibrant, and modern. My favorite and more personal style is a blend of these. There are many ways to blend styles in a way that they complement, instead of compete, with one another. In this article I will be focusing on how to blend different styles in fashion.

Cute + Edgy

This is one of my favorite fashion blends. You can get this look by pairing softer, pastel colors and materials with a darker color and edgy accessories and shoes. For example, a lighter colored, cotton sweater can be paired with black jeans or leather skirt and combat boots to create the perfect mix of the two styles.

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Another way to blend these styles is to put a twist on a typically soft, simple piece to make it more edgy. For example, this soft knit sweater has been cropped and paired with black jeans, giving it an edgier feel.

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Vintage + Modern

Another style mix I love is pairing vintage (or vintage looking) pieces with modern-style pieces. This is a trend that has been picking up recently. One way this can be done is adding a vintage style t-shirt with ripped jeans and fishnets.

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You can also achieve this look by adding vintage accessories to an outfit to add a touch of old and a touch of new.

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All pictures can be found in my fashion collection:

I hope you enjoyed this article, I am not a fashion expert but I do love clothes and fashion. If you would like to see more like this, let me know by reacting to this article. I really enjoyed making it.

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