Because I watch A LOT of tv shows I have decided to keep you updated on the shows I watch and give you recommendations.

ATYPICAL (2017 - present)

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1 season

This is a show about a boy named Sam who has autism and wants to find love. It is really touchy, funny and lovely at the same time...I loved it and I hope it continues.

MINDHUNTER (2017 - present)

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1 season

This show is soo catching and interesting. It is based on a real life story about two FBI men who want to take research on why serial killer are the way they are and why they did these things. These interviews really happened the way the series shows it and it is one reason why I am interested in psychology.

DAREDEVIL (2015 - present)

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2 seasons

It is an adaption from the Marvel comics and I thing a must watch for every fan of the comic and I think that is the reason why it did not catch me that much because I just did not read the comics... But all in all it was okay.


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7 seasons

I only watched the first 3 seasons this month, but I will definitely continue watching it. I know it is old and you see that, but it is a must watch for every Supernatural or Vampire Diaries Fan because it is like the mother of shows like these.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (2011 - present)

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7 seasons

Only watched 3 seasons this month, but it is SOO GOOD. Especially season 1. You have to watch it, it is genius and I am so in love with Evan Peters and his characters!!!