Hi everybody! I was tagged by the adorable Bel (@enjoyalittle) here is the link to her article in case you want to see her tag.

I think it's a fun tag I'm excited to do it so let's get started!

1. Phone and earbuds.
I can't go out without my phone and earbuds it's like an extension of my body.

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2. Wallet
Basically without money we can't do anything haha. Also, I always keep my ID and my clinic credential.

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3. Water bottle
I drink to much water in a day (I only drink water), wherever I go I always carry my water bottle.

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4. Reading glasses
I need glasses because I have astigmatism... So if I forget them, it would be a big problem.

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5. Planner
It's a must for me, I need to have everything organized.

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6. Pouch:
◌ Tissues
◌ Lipbalm
◌ Red lipstick
◌ Mascara
◌ Hand cream
◌ Hand sanitizer
◌ Bobby pins

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7. Perfume and deodorant
As I said in the first article (if you didn't read it i leave the link below) my sense of smell is too sensitive so I always carry it with me.

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8. SUBE card
In Argentina it is used for public transport (bus, train, subway) We pay with the SUBE card the ticket. So if I forget it, i can't travel.

And that's it! thank you for reading ♡

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