:: to my heartbreaker ::

i. you are the reason,
calum scott

art, drawing, and grunge image
cause you are the reason

ii. paralysed,

black, quotes, and tumblr image
where is me feelings ?

iii. silhouette,

flowers, aesthetic, and alternative image
The devil's on your shoulder

iv. the worst way,
donovan woods

grunge, night, and indie image
Loving you is the worst way

v. you're my girl (lost recording #6),
mark diamond

fashion, aesthetic, and grunge image
I, oh i've gotta let you go

vi. in my blood,
shawn mendes

shawn mendes, in my blood, and music image
Help me, it's like the walls are caving in

:: to my multifandom heart ::

vii. jealousy,
monsta x

Temporarily removed
jealousy, baby jealousy


viii. rubber band,

asian, bobby, and boys image
we gotta go

ix. destroyer,
monsta x

aesthetic, handsome, and kpop image
Let me go, take me home, Not alone, don’t ignore

x. just do it,
seventeen (BSS)

bss, DK, and Seventeen image
Ladies and gentlemen


xi. hold me tight,

manga, anime, and black and white image
can you trust me ?

xii. hangsang,

aesthetic, bw, and kpop image
hangsang with my dawg right

:: to my "revival" heart ::

xiii. bad husband,

fashion, fashionable, and girl image
how come, you can be a lord and a loser?

xiv. like home,

room, bedroom, and sky image
There's no place like home

:: to my magcult heart ::

xv. i don't know,

jack johnson, jack and jack, and cute image
Oh my God, think I feel in love overnight

:: to my weak heart and my shattered mind ::

xvi. the last,
agust d

gif, bts, and suga image
At times I’m scared of myself too