hey everybody...welcome to another article.
In this one it´s a little bit different because i will talk about the woman´s that i admire the must and a little of feminism

- H a l s e y

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I admire her a lot, her songs inspire immense and strength to continue to fight. a woman who struggled to be who she is and to have everything she has today. if I could describe her, I would say that she is a force of nature and that I love her immensely for all that it is and for everything it has conquered.

- R u b y . R o s e

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i just love her. All her strength, all her courage to reveal herself, made her into one of the women I most admire and proud.

- E m ma . W a t s o n

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I do not think I have much to say. everyone knows the harry potter girl who has become an ambassador and who fights to combat inequality between men and women, protecting everyone equally. This woman is an icon in our times.


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hope u all like it....and we all have to be together