I don't have many of these because I work, see my boyfriend and go to university.

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I usually wake up around 8
have a scroll on social media either in bed or downstairs sat with my mam
I'm trying to become more of a morning person.
I have breakfast... usually toast, weetabix or fruit

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I go to a gym class or the gym at 10ish.
This makes me more motivated for the rest of the day.
I usually go on the sunbed straight after the gym (bad habit)
I go home and eat... either a salad or a jacket potato.
I have some a post on what works for me to get motivated for the gym...

I get home and shower. wash my hair
put on a face mask (lush or nip + fab at the moment)
dry and style my hair
paint my toenails (not my fingers I get them done from someone else)

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I sometimes do some uni work if I have revision or assignments due.
Or tidy my room and organise stuff.
maybe put some outfits together or do some shopping
nothing too exciting. I try to do something productive.

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After eating my tea I normally watch some telly and start to chill
Sometimes I'll get a hot bath
and/or I'll read a book
once I'm chilled i go to bed watching youtube videos until I fall asleep.