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Today I want to introduce you some amazing series on the platform "Netflix" and my favourite characters in it.
Have fun! :) ♥

The Crown

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the crown, netflix, and Queen image the crown and netflix image mattsmith, thecrown, and clairefoy image the crown, crown, and dress image
Favourite characters: King Georg VI., Prince Philip & Winston Churchill


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dynasty, wedding day, and netflix image dynasty, nathalie kelley, and rafael de la fuente image dynasty, nathalie kelley, and elizabeth gillies image dynasty, netflix, and alan dale image
Favourite characters: Joseph Anders & Steven Carrington

House of Cards

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favourite characters: Frank Underwood & Edward Meechum

How To Get Away With Murder
(it's not from Netflix but one of the most popular series on it)

with murder and how to get away image
htgawm, jack falahee, and aja naomi king image htgawm, alfred enoch, and jack falahee image alfred enoch, aja naomi king, and htgawm image htgawm, wes, and laurel image
Favourite characters: Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Laurel Castillo & Frank Delfino

Weeeell, as you might know there are 100000 other series on Netflix, so there are much more series I love but can't list it up here because this would take too much time.

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do and liked my article.

Byebye ♥


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I am Radioactiv