Hi, everyone! Today I write some facts about me ;)

Your favourite:

1. Movie?

movie and space jam image
Space Jam (1996)
jumanji and robin williams image
Jumanji (1995)
TED, movie, and funny image
Ted (2012)
aesthetic, film, and burlesque image
Burlesque (2010)
need for speed and aaron paul image
Need for speed (2014)
suicide squad, joker, and harley quinn image
Suicide Squad (2016)

and more others...

2. Book?

disney, alice, and alice in wonderland image
Alice in Wonderland
books, harry potter, and hogwart image
Harry Potter
book, narnia, and the chronicles of narnia image
The Chronicles of Narnia
aesthetic, misery, and tumblr image
Stephen King's books

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (by Ann Brashares)
Le Rouge et le Noir (by Stendhal)
and more others ;)

3. Visited town?

blackandwhite, iphone, and warsaw image
Only Warsaw

4. Song?


I have many favourites song ;)

5. Band?

band, music, and imagine dragons image
Imagine Dragons
music and linkin park image
Linkin Park
daft punk and music image
Daft Punk

6. Season?

travel, car, and road image

7. Month?

autumn, fall, and gate image
decoration, finnish company, and vallila interior image
beach place
June and July

8. Colour?

blue, lips, and nails image
hair, green, and tumblr image
lips, red, and nails image
Red and Black

9. Hairstyle?

hair, blue, and hairstyle image

10. Day of the week?

daily, day, and heartist image

11. Food?

banana food delicious food

12. Pet?

adorable dog adorable Superthumb Superthumb

13. Sport?

Basketball, lucas scott, and one tree hill image
green, tennis, and girl image

Would you:

14. Summer or Winter?

sea, beach, and landscape image

15. Tea or Coffee?

tea image
caramel, coffee, and love image
and Coffee :)

16. Skirt or Pants?

fashion, clothing, and denim image

17. Facebook or Twitter?

facebook image

18. Sweet or Salty?

food, dessert, and galaxy image

19. Pizza or Spaghetti?

pizza, food, and yummy image

20. Heels or Trousers?

shoes, galaxy, and heels image
style, fashion, and jeans image
and Trousers :)

21. Friday or Saturday?

car, vintage, and pink image
Of course thst Friday!

22. Boiled Egg or Soft-Boiled Egg?

I like it and it tastes good ;)

egg, food, and hard boiled egg image

23. Dogs or Cats?

dog, animal, and love image
cat, animals, and kitty image
but Cats is cool too ;)

24. KFC or McDonald’s?

I'm going to KFC and McDonald's :)

Chicken delicious

25. Talk on the phone of Face to Face?

girl, grunge, and style image
I would talk Face to Face...
selena gomez image
than talk on the Phone

Ok, and That's all Folks! :)

Byee :*