So since Spring started I guess one week ago I planned on sooo many Things because always on springbreak I just get my mind full of ideas and more so lets just start! Also write me the Things you want to do in spring it would be great to know what else I could do!

Spring clean

Soooo the big spring clean is AMAZING and I love it for the last 4 days I was at my Internet best friends house and when I thought about my room I was like: I NEED TO DO SOMETHING

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So with the spring clean there also Comes the decluttering and I mostly do that while spring break because it is a 'deeper' cleaning Kind of and it helps to throw unnecassary Things away

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So also you could do some DIY's because those are great!!!

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Social space

So it shouldn't be alone about physical space but also about 'cleaning' your social life and I don't mean to throw toxic or fake friends away but... ok I Kind of want to say that just try to get away from toxic People!

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So if you want to Change somethign about your look maybe colour or cut it and I Kind of always cut my hair in the spring time and it isn't diffrent this spring I already made an appointment

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So I deleted as good as all of my Music from my phone and searched on YouTube and I feel like a diffrent Person and I have only positiv vibes right now

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time for yourself

So I feel like spring break or spring itself is for finding, creating or working on yourself and spending time with yourself!

Also you should treat yourself!


So now there are no excuses I already started working out I go for a run as good as everyday and it is so refreshing and so nice when you see the nature evolving!

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So it is so nice to see the nature so just go out and look at the nature and the new flowers!

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Get flowers

So I am going to get new flowers for my room because it is so refreshing and I am super excited!

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So I don't know but I love to bake something even if I am not a good baker but still it makes fun so just go to the kitchen and do it!

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Clean yourself

So also you can declutter/clean yourself with that I mean shaving or doing your eyebrows. Some masks and stuff like that!

So I guess that was everything for today I just wanted to Show you some ideas what to do!

Here is my last article and I hope you like it!