Hello lovelies, I was thinking about being bored in my down time after work and school and I thought that others might feel this way too. I just decided to make a list of things to read or watch if you were bored after a long day or had a day off but are feeling lazy like I do sometimes (okay all the time). These are some things that I have recently watched or read that are not a super time consuming which make them great because its harder to want to start a TV show that has 3 seasons that seem like so much effort to get through (maybe that's just me). Anyways..... enjoy.

1) The End of the F***ing World

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If you don't laugh during this show I would be very surprised to hear it. This show has 8 episodes and I personally watched it all on one sitting. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning but trust me it is worth it to watch till the end. (Warning: If sexual violence is a trigger for you this show has a scene which depicts rape)

- you find this title on Netflix

2) Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt

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This novel is pretty short and sweet but so emotionally powerful. The short version is that Joseph is a troubled young kid in foster care separated from a baby he has never seen, but is the father of. It's a story about Joseph's struggle in his past and his struggle to find his baby girl. It's told through the eyes of Joseph's younger foster brother Jack and is a powerful story that I was I tears at the end of.

- compelling, sort of along the lines of "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer
- I borrowed this book from my local library, you can check yours to see if they either carry a copy or have a rentable ebook through the library (I use the OverDrive app to log into my library's website and borrow ebooks and audiobooks, it's free) Scribd also has an Audio version you can listen to either in a bath or doing whatever around the house. (Scribd gives free months of service and you can cancel anytime.)

3) Atypical

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This series has 8 episodes and is another ACTUALLY funny series. (short version)Sam is young high schooler with Autism just trying to figure out life and love. Super cute and entertaining.

- Another series on Netflix

4) A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan

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This is a super cute book (technically 2 books) about a girl who is good with numbers who cracks a terrorist code and then is put into protective custody by a hot FBI agent. It's a cute little read and the action starts right away.

-again check you local library sources

5) Irreplaceable You

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This one is a Netflix movie but it was so cute and quirky and is sad but it makes you feel good too. Long story short, a couple has been together since they were kids and Abbie finds out she is cancer ridden and is going to die. Because of the fact that her long term boyfriend doesn't know how to date she goes on a mission to find him a perfect girl for after she's gone.

6) Girlboss

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If you haven't seen this series I would be deeply surprised, but in case you haven't I had to put it on the list. Sophia is a girl that struggles to adult (as we all do) and is trying to earn a living hustling as a vintage fashion retailer. Its witty and hilarious, one of my favorites on Netflix. This series has 13 episodes.

7) Chewing Gum

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At first when I started watching this series I was like WTF, but then it became comical. It's funny, weird and kind of dirty. It is about a girl named Tracey who is raised in a sheltered home and she has a lot to learn about her sexuality and the way the world works. This series actually has 2 seasons but there is only 12 episodes total on Netflix.

Now, I know I didn't include many short novels but I can include more in another article if y'all want me to these are just resents I've read. What's great about the books I listed is that they are good for people who don't read all the time too, because they are shorter and more stimulating right off the bat. I'm used to not knowing anyone who likes to read like I do but please send me a postcard if you want more short novel/ any novel recommendations. If you've seen all my Netflix recommendations already I'm sorry scrolling through this article wasted your time. I hope you guys check some of these out and or enjoy them like I did!

๐Ÿ€, Olivia