Ah, yes, college. It's exciting, scary, and fun!

I am an 19-year old college freshman right now and this year has been great! My school year ends on April 26th, then I'll officially be a Sophomore. Though this year has been great for me, there are important things I wish someone would have told me before I started my freshman year. I know some of you guys will be going to University in the Fall and I want to give you some advice that is absolutely crucial for Freshman year success.

1. You Need a Laptop

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I think everyone has a laptop by now. But you'll need this laptop for more than just essays. You'll need it in class to take notes. Yes, you could use good old fashion paper, but usually, professors are too fast with the slides you won't have enough time to write it all down by hand. Yeah, maybe they'll go back to the slides but when you're in a class of over 100 students, probably not. Bring it to every class just in case. A lot of the assignments will most likely be online and you can do them in class.

2. Do All Of Your Assignments

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This is so important. The most important tip. Do your homework! When I say all, I mean all of them! This isn't high school anymore. If you don't turn them in it's an automatic zero. It's hard to make up for not turning in assignments in college, it means you have to do spectacular on the exam which is very very hard to do. Just turn in all your homework, your grade will be awesome.

3. Take All Gen Eds

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I don't know how it is at other schools but at my school, there are certain classes you must take in order to graduate. Since it's your first year take all Gen Ed's. They are usually fairly easy. It's a great way to get you used to what college classes are like and start off your college career with a stable, good GPA. If you jump right into your major courses you will most likely struggle. Start off easy and when you're ready, in your second-semester start taking courses that pertain to your major.

4. Study For All Tests And Exams

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This is a big one too. If your grade is already good in the class from turning in all the assignments and doing well on them, you have nothing to worry about. But, you still need to study. If your class requires a book, read a chapter or half a chapter a day and take notes along with it to prepare for a future exam. I don't know about other schools, but at my high school if you got lower than a 50% on a test they rounded it up automatically to 50%. But in college, they do not do that at all! If you get a 20% on a test/exam, that will be the grade you receive. It's worse than an E. So please study to avoid that.

5. Don't Skip Too Much

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In college, it's actually okay to skip class! Yay! But, professors usually give you a limit on the number of days you can miss. If you go over those set amount of days it could mean a percentage reduction from your overall grade or automatic failure. So keep track of the number of days you miss of class so you don't catch yourself in a situation like that!

These tips are coming from a freshman with a 3.75 GPA, so I can guarantee that these will work! Remember you can still have fun, go to parties, and chill and still have good grades! It's all about compromise.

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