hello to all the empowered ladies, gentlemen, anti-racism and anti-sexism and anti-every bad thing people and let me not forget to mention all the unicorns as well so hi IM HERE WITH NEW ARTICLE.

so before you read let me tell u a few things first of all this is anything but a perfect article, it is actually kinda stupid and weird, it is stupid bcuz many ppl have done this before but i tried to make it different a much as possible and also it is weird bcuz none of these poems have been written by me but i just read them somewhere on wattpad, tumblr or books,SO NONE OF THESE ARE MINE and i will try to put all the links below so enjoy :)


you left before i could say
everything i wish
i could have said
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my only goal
in life
right now
is to be
genuinely happy
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worry about your character
not your reputation.
your character is who you are.
your reputation is who people think
you are
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you broke my walls down,
but then you broke me too
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all i know is that everything in my life feels weird,
and you are the only thing that feels right
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we sat under the same sky
but he couldn't see the stars
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my day past by with darkness
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people asked "hey you okay!"
"yeah im fine" i replied them, with a smile on my face.
lying that im fine because i dont have to explain why im hurt, they will not understand me..
all they know is my name, not my story...
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his love was like a black hole. it sucked me in and trapped me for all eternity
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think of all the things we could do
if we could remembered the fear is of our own creation
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she was asked how she wrote
about thing she has never experienced.
she replied,
must a judge have killed a man to convict another of murder
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to those who look behind them, i ask, how heavily do you fear tomorrow, that you must deny your own shadow?
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