Hello again
So for this second day of the #CollectionChllenge I decided to talk about my collection named "Animals".

What is it about?

In here, you can find a lot of images about many different and beautiful animals, bunnies, wolves, lions, aquatic animals, etc.,

Temporarily removed wolf, animal, and black and white image lion, love, and animal image dolphin, ocean, and summer image

but mostly cats and dogs.

cat, animal, and kitty image Temporarily removed dog, cute, and animal image cat, pink, and animal image

Why did I create it?

I loved, love and will always love animals no matter what, they're simply amazing and beautiful, I guess even better than humans.

wolf, animal, and black and white image

Favourite Images

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It funny, life, and meme image cat, animal, and glasses image cat, snow, and cute image horse, flowers, and animal image animal, ring, and raccoon image

Thank you so much for reading, ly.
Iโ€™ll leave some other collections so you can check them out :)