I got a suggestion from one of hearters to write this kind of types of girls. There was also an idea about music edition, which I decided to write in the next article (types of boys). :-)


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Gentle, loves people and has good heart, overthinks often, wants to meet love of her life in a very special way, great kisser, charming, dreams about her wedding dress, likes to drink wine, has the right feelings about something, easy to fall in love, flirty, passionate.


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Emotional, keeps the diary, cares too much, has beautiful life stories, pessimist, loves slow songs, painful goodbyes, tries to move on, but still keeps coming back to the past, more sad than happy.


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Has good sense for humor, happy, friendly, clumsy, accepts jokes on herself, loves to combine incompatible, likes parties, optimist, "weirdo".


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Persistent, satisfied with herself, impulsive, does not commit an injustice, fighting for herself, likes fast drivings, gladly helps, strong and brave, resourceful, likes adrenaline, confident.


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Too nervous, enjoys arguing, temperamental, grumpy, overwhelming things, hates lots of things, wicked, good acting, mysterious.

Take two features from every type which describes you the most.