it was 3am
and I couldn't sleep
guess you know the reason already
i couldn't stop thinking about you
yeah you,
who left me

i keep asking myself
why would i keep thinking about you
you're not even worth my time
and you know that
cause even yourself said
that you're a douchebag

you're a douchebag
because you dumped me
you let me gave everything to you
and then left me in pieces
barely breathing

i shouldn't fall for you in the first place
everyone kept telling me to stop
but i kept taking a step forward
to you

we shouldn't made it official
that label, boyfriend and girlfriend
we shouldn't do it in the first place
i asked you why you agreed to do so
and you said you were too stupid

does it mean you regret it?
does it mean if you could turn back time,
you would do something different?
but whatever,
we couldn't turn back time

we couldn't change what is happening right now
you're not here anymore
leaving me with a thousand memories that we shared for 4 months
not a long time, but still a precious memories for me

i hope you're happy
you, who left me
i hope you know
that you've lost me


I actually made this for my best friend. She broke up with her boyfriend and I decided to put it into writing because I want to feel what she's feeling right now.