Hey babes<3
I'm sorry 'cause these weeks I was very inactive... so today I want to share with you the list of things I want to do in my life before dying.
There are so many things I want to do, and these are not the only ones.
Before to start...

check my last article:)
  • volunteer in Africa
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  • ride a camel
aesthetic, animals, and explore image travel, camel, and desert image
  • ride a elephant
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  • go to a music concert
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  • go to a road trip with friends
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  • sleep on the beach
couple, beach, and love image love, couple, and fire image
  • go to a fashion show
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  • visit all the continents
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  • visit all the European capitals
paris, black and white, and france image city image
  • get one or two small tattoos
tattoo, baby, and black image Mature image
  • do autostop
girl, travel, and nature image friends, grunge, and aesthetic image
  • see the northern lights
aurora and northen lights image aurora, aurora borealis, and beautiful image
  • have a shower under waterfalls
summer, friends, and waterfall image bikini, friendship, and girls image
  • go to Coachella
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Thanks for reading this article<3