For too long I feel the heart has been neglected because we were not told how important and powerful our hearts actually is.
Now, it's become more apparent on how the brain is powerful, note here I said brain not mind, because these are in fact different. The brain itself, is natural, it is how god made you, but the mind stems from fear and the ego. The brain indicates the body when certain hormones and such are needed whereas the mind, it only makes you think..think...and think... Have you ever just sat quietly and felt all these thoughts come up that you don't really want to think about? Then suddenly, you feel exhausted and even depressed? This is the mind using your energy to create useless thoughts. The only real thoughts you have are the positive ones, the rest is not real, any negative thoughts that says you are not good enough or that you are not beautiful, it is all fake!

Once we give in to those thoughts, we become imprisoned by the mind. This is why there's so many out there that are depressed, stressed, tired etc. This is all because the mind takes over.
And I know how hard it is, you want to think positively but those negative keep coming up.
All those negative thoughts stem from fear and the ego (which is all things negative).

There are many techniques out to help with negative thinking, stress and depression, one of the main technique is:


Now the real reason for meditation is to quieten the mind But why do we need to quieten the mind?
The answer is always The Heart !
Once you quieten the mind, you can then hear the voice of your heart clearly. We have all heard of the expression: "Follow your heart" when we are troubled or confused. Well that is the reason behind it. If you are having trouble quietening the mind during meditation focus on the heart, take deep breaths from the heart.

Now lets talk about the heart. What did we all learn in school?
'The heart is an organ/muscle that pumps blood around the body'
And that's all there seems to be, but they don't talk about the real purpose of it.
Our bodies are very intelligent, more so than we give it credit for, the heart in particular.

Behind the physical heart is where your soul is, so when you hear and listen to your heart you are listening to your soul and your higher self. All advice that comes from the heart is always positive, uplifting and gives you real peace. The thoughts are always positive and filled with lots of love.

Everything in our bodies and everything around us has energy. Our heart's energy centre is the heart chakra. This is what keeps the heart's energy healthy and vibrant. The heart chakra is what connects your connection with the universe to your connection with the earth. This is the place when heaven connects to earth, through your heart chakra.

The only place in the body that cannot get cancer is the heart. Why is that?
Because the heart is where real and unconditional love is! And I am not just talking about relationships, I am talking about love as an energy.
God / The Creator created you, the earth, the whole universe and multiverse with one main ingredient and that is love. Your whole being is made out of love energy and your love centre is of course the heart.
This is where the expression of LOVE HEALS ALL comes from. It's not just some hippie talk. It's the truth!
Love can heal not only your love life, relationships but also any diseases and any part of your life that needs healing.
(I would advice getting the book called Heal Your Life by Louise Hays - This books explains it all)

The only things that affects the heart are heart related problems, all of these problems stem from hurt, guilt, stress.
Especially, if the heart chakra is blocked or doesn't have enough / or too much energy flowing through it that's when problems happen.

Signs of a blocked heart chakra:

  • Speech issues such as stuttering
  • Pain and tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Lung related problems, asthma
  • Not breathing properly
  • Heart related, circulatory problems

Overactive Heart chakra

  • Puts other people's needs before their own, rarely think about their own needs and desires. End up burning themselves out because they gave too much energy away.
  • This can lead to playing the role of the martyr.
  • Excessive emotion and manipulating others (saying things like if you love me you'll do this...)
  • May be demanding and jealous in relationships

Under-active Heart Chakra

  • Apathy (being heartless- not being able to put yourself in other's shoes and feel what they are feeling). May look at a suffering person and say they got themselves into this.
  • May wear a mask (pretends to be someone they are not, hides their real selves from everyone)
  • Acts unkindly towards others. Any unkind act towards others is a cry for love.
  • Close yourself off, afraid of being rejected, so you avoid others and relationships.
  • Fears, like fear of moving on, fear of being dumped, being alone, fear of relationships and social situations, fear of making decisions.
  • Find it hard to give. Or Find it hard to receive.
  • Shy and Lonely.

Every time you think about something negative, try putting your focus on your heart centre, breath in the heart centre. Feel the love there, it will melt all those useless thought away.
If you do not feel anything then I would advice healing the heart chakra.

Ways to heal the heart chakra:

  • The colour corresponding with this chakra is green. So get in touch with the colour green, wear green clothes or accessories, paint your nails green. Add more green to your bedroom. Go out in nature and really take in the green colour of the grass and trees.
  • Mother Nature. Go out in nature and ask mother nature to heal your beautiful hearts. Earth has such a beautiful heart she always, always gives. A lot of the time we take plants for granted, but all animals and plants are here for you to heal your hearts. Plants, animals and babies naturally are filled with more love energy, so go interact with their beautiful hearts.
  • Mantras. The mantra is YAM, quietly chanting yam (yuum) helps. YAM like all things, holds a particular vibration/frequency which aligns with the heart.
  • Crystals. Carry around green / pink crystals. Such as Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald etc. Ask your crystals to heal your hearts. If you have suffered from heart break hold your Rose Quartz and ask it to comfort you. Trust me you will feel it in your heart, like your heart is being hugged by soft clouds. \(^_^)/
  • Using Essential Oils, such as Rose, sandalwood, for instance, in your bath, or give yourselves a little, gentle massage around the heart chakra areas.
  • Listen to the solfeggio frequency for this chakra.
  • Listen to the Singing bowl of Tone F#, the heart
  • Yoga pose, includes back bends, any pose that involves opening of the chest.
  • One of the same advice I always give is to cry. For both overactive and under active heart chakras. Allow those energies to flow out. After you cry, go do the things that make you happy.
  • Forgive yourselves, do not blame yourselves for everything that goes wrong.
  • Light up some candles if you can, especially green candles and call Archangel Raphael, who is the head of the angels of healing. As well as Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of love, if you need help in finding love in everything, especially yourselves. As well as helping you in finding your perfect partner. But you have to love yourself before you can attract the perfect partner.
  • Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life.
  • If you are someone that has bottled up all your emotions to the point of feeling numb to everything. Ask your angels to help you feel again.
  • The most important one of all. LOVE YOURSELVES
  • Fall in love with yourself. List all the good things about yourself, if you can't think of anything, ask angels and guides to help you see the beauty in yourself.
  • NOTE. I see and hear people say love is pain, love only hurts. Reality check here, love is love, hurt is hurt. You don't get anger and happiness mixed up because they are completely different things. So why is love pain and hurt? They are completely different things, pain and hurt stems from ego, love stems from all things good, love stems from God.
  • Affirmations: I Love Myself Unconditionally! I AM LOVE! I AM LIGHT! I AM WORTHY OF LOVE!

I don't just mean love your bodies, I mean love EVERYTHING about yourselves.
Every time you start to think of a 'mistake' you made, say to yourselves I forgive you and love you so much (your name) Talk to yourself as if you are talking to your 1 year old self, talk to yourself with love and care. You are doing the best you can sweety, that's all you can do, why make things harder on yourself?

Take a mirror, look yourselves in the eyes and say I LOVE YOU (your name) . Some may cry, some may feel repulsed, some may feel nothing. But keep practising! Even if you notice the little things on your face like a pimple, look at your pimple and say I love you pimple!! Remember love heals all.
Why do you think Rose Quartz is the crystal of love AND beauty. Love is everything beautiful. If you are made of love, you are automatically beautiful.

Talk to yourself as if you are talking to your love, tell yourself how you look beautiful today, how you appreciate yourself, sometime we just want to hear these words, say it to yourselves, don't wait for someone to say it to you.

Don't look for those things in yourselves that 'are not normal' Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own unique way. No one needs to look the same as everyone, we are not robots, we are humans, we were made perfectly. There's no such thing as 'no one is perfect'. Everyone is perfect! Love is Perfect! You are Perfect! You are Love!