Hi everyone! So, today I'll talk about travel. I love to travel and this are some places that I want to meet :


beautiful, thailand, and tailandia image love image travel, adventure, and earth image Temporarily removed

2) New Zealand

new zealand, place, and travel image beautiful, lake, and landscape image new zealand, cityview, and traveling image cave, light, and new zealand image

3) Nepal

nepal, tourist destination, and travel in nepal image Temporarily removed nepal, sky, and stars image Image removed

4) California

pink, sunset, and car image girl, la, and photography image Temporarily removed destination, road trips, and travelers image

5) New York

city, sunset, and sky image winter, snow, and city image arquitectura, Ciudades, and lugares image freedom, liberty, and statue of liberty image

6) Hawaii

beaches, beach lovers, and travel pics image Aloha, summer, and hawaii image beach, summer, and flowers image summer, beach, and ocean image

7) Peru

green, machu picchu, and peru image green, machu picchu, and nature image black and white, peru, and travel image Temporarily removed

8) Italy

Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed diner, food, and italy image

9) France

places and parís image coffee, flowers, and rose image aesthetics, architecture, and art image chanel, black, and luxury image

10) United Kingdom

london, city, and travel image london, Londres, and red image building, city, and england image christmas, gift, and gifts image

Hope you like it. Xoxo, Izzy!