They get up early, because they have so much to do, and go to bed early, because they have so little to think about.

Okay, so I'm going to be completely honest here, I do not like the new We Heart It update on mobile: now there is no way for me to organize my collections, I can only access the most recent ones and there is no longer a folder with all of my uploads. I can't organize my articles like I used to and it's making it very hard for me to organize new collections from mobile, my main platform. But, that's not why I'm here, I mean, it kind of is, but... since I can't organize all of my collections I decided to write an article where I would be able to separate different types of collections.

yay, balloons, and gold image heart, we heart it, and pink image


So here are all of my collections related to lifestyle goals or anything that has to do with that sort of thing.


Here are all of my collections directly related to the world of fashion, most of these collections are specifically directed towards a specific type of fashion style, which is why I have so many of them.


All of my collections dedicated to aesthetic, pleasing images and colour schemes lay here, so please enjoy.

Trips & Travel

Here are all of my collections filled with original pictures taken by me during my trips and travels, for now there are only two collections but I hope that I'll get to travel more often and fill this category.


Everything related to art is in here. unfortunateley I haven't become confident enough to upload my own content on this one, but maybe one day, who knows...


I write a lot and some of those pieces are published in Wattpad or other platforms made for writers, either way I usually create a couple of collections to illustrate my stories or just give life to my characters and create a moodboard.


Here are collections I made with images that inspire me every single day.


You don't realise how many things you've achieved until you start naming them. Goals and bucketlist are what keep me moving forward.

And I guess that's it... now, not all of my collections are here, mostly because I have a lot (too many) but also because some collections don't fall into any particular category, so I might as well just let them be. Also, if my writing is terrible and there are a lot of typos, it's because I'm still learning to write from my new computer.
- Dahiandra