Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article! Today is the day of self-care! So, I thought that I should start writing articles about how to take care of our bodies! The first article of this specific theme is skincare. How can we make it look brighter and shiny? Although I'm not a specialist, I'll try to give you some good and helpful advice to increase your confidence and hang out feeling beautiful with your skin. Enjoy!

1. Oranges
These fruits have many benefits not only to our skin, but also to our whole body! You can find them everywhere and they are so common to anyone. Don't forget that they're rich in vitamin C, which strenghten our immune system.

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2. Rye bread
Yes, you read right! If you are a fan of rye bread then your skin definatelly shines! Even if you don't eta this kind of bread, then change it into rye bread. It is also healthy for your body, if you want to keep fit.

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3. Almonds
Many people love almonds. They're one of my favorite snacks during the day! They contain vitamin E, which makes your skin look fresh and renewed! You can eat them in the morning combining them in your breakfast or even making a fruitsalad!

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4. Eggs
We all love eggs! They are healthy, nutritious and full of proteins. So, don't forget to eat one or two eggs per day to make your skin smooth and shiny! Remember that they're delicious and we can eat them in different ways too!

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5. Tomatoes
These vegetables are full of water and we can say that we eat our water through them. They are delicious, are one of the basic vegetables of the Mediterranean diet and benefit ourself. Not only prevent ourself from skin-problems, but also reduce the possibilities of having acne. Generally, every single vegetable helps the acne-problems.

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6. Apricots
These fruits are so special for their taste and flavour. I love them and I can't stop eating them in summer! They are packed with vitamin A and help our immune system. So next time you go to the supermarket don't forget to try these fruits. I'm sure you'll love them if you haven't tasted them yet!

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7. Water
Well, I know that many people, included me, don't like that much the healthy style of life. So, I found something that It's certain you like it and can't survive without it. Water! Every time you wake up in the morning, the first thing you must do is to drink a cup of water! Then, your body will start the process of hydration. Of course, water is very important for our health and we should drink at least 7 to 8 cups per day.

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8. Potatoes
These cute vegetables, oh yes!, benefit our skin by making it look bright and fresh! We eat many times per week potatoes in many of our meals. My fave meal in which potatoe is the main character is the potatoe fries! But, there are millions of ways to contain the potatoe in our meals, except the potatoe fries.

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9. Mushrooms
Healthy, tasty, low-in-calories and nutritious! We don't need anything else. The best way to eat them is by putting them in your salads or making sause with mushrooms and cooking spaghetti! Don't forget to remember that they protect our immune system and our heart from many diseases.Mmmmm.... What about making a pizza?

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10. Meat
I decided to write the best food ever for the end. Many of you were worried until now to make sure that this usual food is good for our skin. Well, yes it is! Fresh meat not only is delicious but also is nourishing! What about a steak? Right now I'm hungry.... I'm sure you, too....

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This is the end of the article. Hope you liked it! Remember that you don't have to always eat healthy food. Give yourself a break and eat something more delicious and pleasant! Life happens just for once! Make sure it's worth watching. Don't forget to check my account and my other articles. Until next time......... SEE YAAAAAAAA.....and remember ~ Healthy is the new beautuful ~

Keep on coming back for more,