well it's evening in germany so i don't exactly know what to say. Whatever. The next day the next question of this challenge. That's all i have to say and enjoy it.


2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

I. I have a fear of drowning. I'm not afraid of water or swimming or else but i think the worst death is drowning.

When I was a child we went camping and there was this lake and it was parted in a deep side and a flat side. I didn't know how to swim and that's why I only played in the flat side of the lake. But I always wanted to go on the other side. So I just clibed in and the last thing i actually know is my sister pulling me out of the water. When I look back to that day I always see myself sinking deeper into the water. I don't know. I think it's a horrible thought

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II. My next fear is pretty classic. I'm afraid to be alone someday. Not like home alone but left alone. I couldn't handle my life if i were lonely. I somehow already experienced this feeling..

About one and a half year ago i had a big fight with a friend of mine. And another friend stood by my side and like a month after we talked and everything was fine. Well I thought it's fine. I don't know what I did or what had happened that it happened but both of them became really good friends. I mean that's not a problem at all but they completely ignored me and talked shi* about me and the most people believed it so nobody wanted to be friends with me. I was crying the whole time. In school, in class and at home: I hate to talk about it but I hurted myself too. I was stuck in a deep depression but noone even cared. It took me a very long time to get back into a good and normal life again but let's not sink into details and keep going.

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III. The last fear i tell you about is death.

I always try to imagine how it is when you're not in the world anymore but in the next second I'm like "You can't imagine it. You're not even existing when you're dead". I think a lot about it. Death never confronted me in any way. Nobody of my family died yet, at least since i was born, and I'm very very glad about it. I also can't believe that it's over after you die. I mean there has to be something. The point of life can't be to just die until the word dies out. Oh my gosh it makes me so crazy to think about it and I'm really scared of it..

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That's it. It was't easy to list three different fears but i finally did it. Hope you like it. See you tomorrow