This is the second article that I've wrote.

1. New York
I always wanted to go to New York, it’s the city you see in every movie. The city that bruising, the city that’s always living. The city that never sleeps.

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2. Sydney
Sydney is in Australia, it’s my dream to visit Australia. The brother of my grandpa lives 1600 km away from Sydney, so when I’m there I will definitely visit him. I want to see Koala’s and Kangaroos.

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3. Philippines
I want to visit the Philippines, because if you see it on pictures, it’s so beautiful. I want to see that in real, I want to make my own pictures, with my own memories.

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4. Paris
Paris is the city of love. I’ve been there before, it’s a beautiful city, but I want to go with my boyfriend. I want to hang a lock on a bridge in Paris, kiss under the Eiffel tower. Just do the cliché things you do in Paris.

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