I sometimes write my feelings down, but I never show these words, these feelings to someone.

So here it goes.


'I want you to hold me, touch me
Run your fingers through my hair
Kiss me, love me
Make my hart stop and stare
I want to stare into your eyes and get lost in them
But I can't
I want you to make feel everything and nothing
Make my body feel on fire
And make it feel numb
Maybe you don't now you have that power over me
And maybe I'm just dumb
I don't know
You make me feel, love and hate at the same time
And it's driving me nuts
Or go crazy from lust
All I know
Is that you are here
And I don't want you to go
Cuze my life would be pretty hard if you weren't in it
And I want that for you to know

rose, fire, and flowers image

I hope you like it!