songs that don't get enough attention compared to other songs by the same artist :)

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tHaT's My OpInIoN

sad sad girl by terror jr
(tbh the whole band deserves more attention)

snap my fingers by bridgit mendler
(truly talented woman that deserves soooo much more)

nerve by don broco
(saw them live on the SLFL tour and instantly fell in love; fucking talented)

love; not wrong(brave) by EDEN
(EDEN is literally a fucking icon; that boy deserves all the love and attention because his music is just everything; i live for EDEN)

where have you been(all my night) by hey violet
(some hate them and some love them; they changed to pop but i still love their songs on the album)

nothing by lewis watson
(discovered him by accident and thank god for lewis and his beautiful lyrics)

star shopping by lil peep
(peep got more recognition after his death and i'm happy because his lyrics are just something special; i feel like star shopping is one of the most underrated songs by him)

piggyback by melanie martinez
(believe what you want but the tea with this song is just too good)

fixed by new hope club
(idk i just love their voices)

week without you by miley cyrus
(tbh the best song on the ablum i just love the chorus; glad my queen is back)

take what you want by one ok rock feat. 5 seconds of summer
(okay, let's just appreciate this masterpiece; 5sos voices in this)

the life i live by reed deming
(idk how i found him but reed is such a cute person and his songs are really good)

perfume by roy blair
(i live for roy's voice)

anxiety by blackbear
(cybersex isn't as good as digital druglord but anxiety is still a fucking bop)

girl crush by harry styles
(suddenly everyone loves harry but literally only sign of the times)

2 cigarettes by jack&jack
(just love the lyrics; better than hurt people)

100 letters by halsey
(i don't like hopeless fountain kingdom only a few songs and these songs don't get enough recognition; bad at love is good and all but 100 letters is literally 10 times better)

roses by shawn mendes
(saw him life and almost passed out, i sounded like a crying and dying pig singing along; girls next to me didn't even know the song; roses is my life, i live by this song, it's shawns best song; educate yourself and appreciate this masterpiece more)

feelings by hayley kiyoko
(my lesbian queen; all of her songs are bops)

no love by olivia o'brien
(olivia has more songs than i hate u i love u)

repercussions by bea miller
(bea is one of the most underrated artists out there; her voice is just to die for)

You're welcome.

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