Today I was finally able to purchase both of these products and let me tell you I was so happy. You do not understand how long I had to wait until I was able to purchase them. I guess due to their immense popularity online (all the damn YouTube community was raving about them and in store they were selling so fast. The older people are the worst man. If you go to Superdrug or Boots during the morning you expect it to be quiet but nooooโ€ฆ. thereโ€™s always someone lurking ready to grab the makeup you want lololol. Today I went prepared though. I brought my watergun ready to attack. Just kidding.

Anyway price wise you canโ€™t go wrong with the concealer and foundation and it doesnโ€™t hurt to try something new, I was mainly sold on the full coverage part so I had to try it and see what the hype was about. To be honest the concealer which I had purchased previously was the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer (cost : ยฃ6.99). I liked this concealer however, I felt that it was slightly overpriced for the amount that was in the tube. And you know that feeling when you try to scrape the last amount out of there, I was literally scraping my eye with the damn sponge applicator it hurt so bad. In the end I had to cut the tube and scrape the last bit out but I wouldnโ€™t purchase it again, the coverage was mediocre.

In contrast, the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer is priced at ยฃ4 which is quite bloody cheap. I had seen many reviews online about this product being better than high end products but for a quarter of the price. I was slightly sceptical at first because there were so many Youtubers reviewing this product I felt that maybe they were just promoting it in order to keep the brand happy and get free products sent to them in the future however, I did manage to grab one of the most popular shades in the concealer (C5). I will say that the amount of product you do get is the same as any other concealer however, it looks less due to the condensed tube. The applicator is really big which is a good thing but sometimes you end up picking up a huge blob which you didnโ€™t need. Speaking of amounts, you only need to apply a small amount onto your face, this is because it is actually full coverage. I can vouch for it. If you find that it isnโ€™t full coverage. Girl. You got a fake in your hands. The application is smooth and blend able and it doesnโ€™t make dry areas of your skin feel dry, in fact it gives off a natural look which is a thumbs up.

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Now next, foundation.

My current foundation is the Maybelline Fit Me (cost : ยฃ6.99) I swear by this foundation. I think I have purchased it around 4-5 times. I havenโ€™t ever found it to be cakey or make my skin patchy and the price overall is good for how long the tube lasts. I still have some of this left however , I decided to purchase the Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick as it was described as โ€œfull coverageโ€ and for ยฃ5 you canโ€™t really go wrong, the shade which I picked up was C7 because C6 wasnโ€™t stocked up however, I felt that it would match. The packaging looked really simple but gave off a chic vibe and the amount which was in the tube was quite good. In the past Iโ€™ve had bad experiences with stick foundations and concealers, mainly because I have slightly dry skin however around my nose tends to get oily throughout the day so in a nutshell my skin ends up looking crusty af. Your girl tryna go out of her comfort zone though and try new things. When trying out the foundation it felt really creamy and soft on the skin. I also felt that I did not have to use a large amount to get the desired coverage I wanted. I enjoyed the natural and dewy effect it gave off which I didnโ€™t expect at all. Normally before applying foundation I apply some facial oil to soften up my skin however, I did not even need it for this foundation. I would recommend this for whenever you wanna go more full coverage glam however, you know your girl is full coverage 24/7.
Overall I spent ยฃ9 on both foundation and concealer which is a good day and I canโ€™t wait to keep using this. (sadly I couldnt find any images of this foundation on WHI but it has been compared to these NARS and Make Up For Ever sticks).

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