Hello Sunshine ☀

Take me to a place where I can be happy just for one day.
Where nothing will ruin my mood.
Where I won't remember about my depression just for a day...

Everything's just too much.
Everyone's just too harsh.
They don't care how you feel.
They don't care that you're broke.
They just bully you.
Even if it's not physically,
Morally it hurts worse.

They don't know I fall asleep with tears in my eyes,
They don't know I live in a nightmare.
Even if from outside my life is full of happiness,
Inside everything is destroyed.

I glue the broken pieces of my heart every night,
I try to be the one, of who my parents will be proud.
A person, who will inspire others.
A person who will just once care about her own life.

This is tiring,
This is exhausting.
But I can handle this,
Even if my hands are shaking like crazy while writing this,
Even if my paper gets teardrops on it,
Even if my depression is taking over me...

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.♡

- Love Yourself