Hi people ! I would like to show you my morning routine before work and school

I have a cat and maybe my routine is different from yours or my routine is similar to yours.
Every morning my cat wake me up
When I wake up the first thing I do, I go to the bathroom and wash my face and teeth. I clean my face with

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Then I get down to the kitchen. While I'm in the kitchen I feed my cat and prepare myself breakfast. Every morning I eat this

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These flakes.These flakes can be found in more flavors.Like White chocolate and cherry or black chocolate and strawberries
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I'm trying to drink more water and this bottle helps me.
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If the weather is sunny I go running.if the weather is raining I am workin out at home This is me
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After that I'm preparing for the school. Me and my cat preparing for the school like this every day she is watching me like wtf are you doing
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In shower I love to use this this

Thank you for coming to this part and taking the time for me and my morning routine If you want me to write my nighttime routine or fitness routine or hair care because I'm a hairdresser please send me a message XOXO love you Masha