I found this tag on whi and I thought it would be nice to introduce myself to you all. So here is my article.

1. What is your name
Alina Emter

2. What does your name mean?
It is the short form of Adelina and stands for Noble (ger: Adelig)

3. Where are you from?

4. Where do you live?

5. What do you do for a living?
I´m simply just a student, but I spent much time with my friends and with sport.

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6. What are your favourite colours?
light pink

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7. Star sign?

8. Favourite music genres?
Rap / cloudrap
but i love all music genres

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9. Favourite music artists?
Dat Adam / Tj_beastboy
They are german and they do so so good music

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10. Favourite food?

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11. Favourite drink?

12. Favourite snack?
Avocadooo :3

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13. Favourite holiday?
I can´t decide but I think Italia or Croatia

14. Favourite past time?
writing in my Bullet Journal

15. Favourite sport?

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16. Talents?
I,m very good in art and I´ve been going to an art school for 4 years. soo yes I think I can draw.

17. Wish I was talented at:

18. Are you competitive?
I think so

19. Describe myself in one sentence:
Cute.. but psycho.. but cute ^^

20. Best compliment I've received:
wow I could look in your eyes for years simply because they look so horny

21. Bad habits?
Well, I often speak and think afterwards

22. Favourite things about myself?
I know thats standard but my eyes. Many people say they look like "Husky eyes"

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23. On top of bucket list?
See the world. :)

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24. Three long term goals:

  • Get my dream body
  • more confidence
  • Do more for my future

25. Three short term goals:

  • Do more with friends and family
  • Don´t waste time with silly Videogames
  • save more money

26. Doing to achieve these goals?
I exersice daiy and often go outside with my friends and to familymembers. I also think twice before buying new stuff.

27. Biggest accomplishment?
Getting over borderline disorder

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28. Ideal first date?
Picknick in the park in summer and than lie in the grass.

29. Preferred qualities in partners?
humor I think

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30. Role models?
My mom :)

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31. Parent I am most like:
I think I am like both of them

32. Parent I am closest to:
I try to be equally to both, but I´m closer to my mom.

33. Last book I read:
I really dont know

34. Favourite fairytale?

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35. Favourite quote?
Mach deine Eltern stolz, deine Feinde neidisch und dich selbst glücklich. (eng.: Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous and yourself happy.)

36. Favourite school subject?
Art and Sport

37. Subject I am best at:
Art, Maths, Sport, Music
but generally I´m good in school my worst marks are two threes

38. Favourite teacher?
Well, my old Geography teacher

39. Best friend?
Her name is Selina and she´s just like a sister for me. I also have an internetfriend her name is Fanny and this girl means everything for me she´s the only friend that I call perfect because she is my Lieblingsmensch (there is no english word for it but it means the favourite human for someone XD)

40. Who had the greatest impact on my life?
My mom and Fanny

41. Apps I use most:
Instagram & WHI

42. Technology I can't live without:
My mobile phone

43. Countries I visited:
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, San Marino, Switzerland, Netherlands
I hope I did not forget anything XD

44. Countries I want to visit:

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45. Favourite Disney movie?
Descendants 1&2 ^^

46. Best memory?
Well, I don´t know but there are too much to list them

47. Most embarrassing memory?
I was in love with a boy for about a year and than I decided to tell him.. he lied and said that he had a girlfriend. Yeah that was so embrassing and really broke my heart. But funfact now he´s my boyfriend haha.

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48. Past relationships?
There was only one before my present relationship and I´m truely happy that the boy is out of my life.

49. Advice for younger self?
There will be a lot of shit in the future but you will get over it you are stronger than you think.

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50. Wish I had known sooner:
No one comes into your life for no reason. Some are a gift, the others are lessons.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. And now you know more thinks about me. Have a good day.
-Alina :3