Heey, hey, heyyy! I saw that you guys loved my night skincare routine so, why not my makeup routine? The products I use are affordable and easy to get, as I did with my skincare routine I´ll let the products and prices down below.

1. Moisturize: To moisturize I use the blue Ponds cream and I wait until dry before start the second step.

2. Foundation / Concealer: I put foundation or concealer ( depending on my mood) in my "T" zone and under my eyes . The concealer I use is from Wet n Wild and the foundation is Super Stay 24h medium cover from Maybellline .

makeup, concealer, and wet n wild image

3. Mascara: I use a black mascara (stolen from my mom) when it dries I put my MegaClear mascara from Wet n Wild on my lashes and brush my brows too.

4. Highlight: I just apply a little bit of highlight on my nose bridge ( makes you look cuter)

beauty, highlighter, and makeup image

5. Eyeshadow: I use the shadow "Puree" from the sweet Peach Palette by TooFaced. Not to much just to add a little bit of color.

makeup image

6. Seal the makeup: To make sure that my makeup will last the time I need I spray rose water all over my face

mario badescu image


1. Ponds Cream: $8.19
2. Concealer Photophocus Wet n Wild: $3.99
3. Foundation Super Stay Maybellline: $ 10.00
4. Mega Clear Mascara: $ 9.99
5. Highlight: $ 4.99
6. Sweet Peach Palette: $49.00
7. Rose Water: $ 7.00