I'm a lover of plants- succlents, trees, woods, cacti, meadows, potted and house. They're all so beautiful and they can make any space seem alive and welcoming.

And on that note...

Today I am going to talk about how to incorporate all things green into your life in simple ways!

1. Cacti & Suculents

plants image

They're simple to look after and oh so cute. Just adding one or two to your space can liven things up a bit.

cactus and plants image

Ther's no need to be fancy with them, a plastic pot is fine, but to make them extra special, re-pot them into a mug, wine glasses or something else of your choice.

2. House Plants

bedroom, interior, and home image home, house, and plants image

A room can look Amazing with just one, but a cluster (or even more than that), can look really nice.

3. For the bathroom

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There's so many benifits in putting plants in the bathroom, they clean the air making a more refreshed and healthy space, liven up an otherwise boring bathroom, amoung other things.

Hope you enjoyed your time here, for more home inspo here's my collection

but there's plenty more out there and it's really nice to look at a few.