I've seen many people put their favourite bands in articles and I thought I would share what I listen to at every moment of my life and inspire you to check them out. But if you're not ready to rock and roll, I wouldn't recommend.

1. Guns N' Roses

My favourite songs would be Estranged, This I love, November Rain, Don't cry and Patience, probably, but whatever you decide to play you won't make a mistake.

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2. Nothing But Thieves

Very different from the former, but I love them very much since I heard Honey Whiskey, and then got addicted to the whole first album. My favourite song is Particles, but I'd strongly recommend Soda, too.

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#3. The amity affliction

If by now you didn't guess my taste in music is quite diverse, here's a band to assure you. They've helped me through some really shitty times, and the songs that lifted me up in particular are Don't lean on me and F.M.L.

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#4. System of a down

This band will not fit everybody's taste, but it is definitely worth a try. Songs I'd recommend are A.D.D. and B.Y.O.B.

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#5. Red hot chili peppers

These crazy guys I love with all my heart and it's so hard to pick a few songs only, but try Under the bridge, Scar tissue and Dark necessities.

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Hope you liked my top 5 bands and... give 'em all a try if you don't listen to them, they're worth it.