Some songs just can't be rated with stars from one to five, because they are worth so much more. A while ago I wrote an article about my playlist which contains songs that are worth a thousand rating stars.

Well, the list goes on and that's why I decided to do a second part.

Buy You A Rose - AJR

This song is so sweet. It tells a story about two little kids who fall in love with each other and promise themselves to buy a rose when they grow up. So the lyrics are very sweet and the melody is also very good.

85 - Andy Grammer

This song really makes you overthinking life. It's about being able of not regretting things when you're older. Also, the rhythm is very catchy.

What Do I Know - Ed Sheeran

I bet you already know Ed Sheeran, so I'm not introducing you to a new artist here. But if you haven't yet, you have to listen to this song of him. It's my favourite of his songs, together with Happier and New Man.

I Lived - One Republic

What a great song. It is so sad and has such a powerful message. The music video is also very worth to be watched but be ready to cry...

Eighteen Cool - Hoodie Allen

This song describes our generation very well and has a nice melody to it. I always have to sing along when it comes on.

Water - Pentatonix

I listened to this song on vacation every day at the beach and no other song could have fit as perfectly as this. Pentatonix sings a-capella, so without any instruments and it is amazing what kind of sounds they can create. Like the title, the background voices really give you an impression of waterdrops.

Death Of A Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco

This song gives a retro vibe, especially with the music video, but this is so amazing. The singer's voice is very powerful and you can't not sing along.

This sums up the second part of my playlist, if you'd like me to do more, I'd be happy if you show me.

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