I am so obsessed with tattoos! I have only one on my arm, but already plan to get more. I have a bunch already picked out and possible locations for them, although they are not 100% what I would ge,t they are general ideas. So here is a list of my possible future tattoos.

Wave into palm tree (what I have now)

beach, aesthetic, and girly image
Upper bicep

Swimming with Marine life

tattoo and turtle image beach, ocean, and sea image
Side rib or side hip


tattoo, flowers, and wild image
Ankle (probably getting this one next)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Inner side wrist

Hawaiian flower

hawaii, hibiscus, and tattoo image
Wrist, back of neck, inner side wrist

Bookshelf (couldn't find an actual bookshelf)

Temporarily removed
Upper bicep

Peter Pan

quote image Image removed
Stars under only middle fingers


Mature image
Not sure yet


tattoo, excalibur, and kingarthur image Temporarily removed
Side forearm

Thigh quote (probably written by my Mom)

girl, leg, and skin image


Temporarily removed
Side outer wrist, matching with my Mom

Initials (bestfriends' initials)

tattoo, arte, and ideas image tattoo, art, and hands image
Outer side wrist

Robert Downey Jr.

autograph, fashion, and ink image
Not sure


tattoo and friends image
Above elbow


tattoo, mermaid, and sea image
Back, forearm, above elbow

I don't think I would necessarily get all of these tattoos, they are more just ideas of future ones. These aren't exact pictures at all either, just ideas. I hope you enjoyed and I encourage you to make your own list! xoxo, Asia