' You've really screwed up my mind. Did you know that? '
"Jacob what the hell!"
His face was disfigured with faint scratch marks and black and blue marks.
His hands were raw with bleeding knuckles and bruises.

fight, bruise, and hands image

I wanted to clean up his cuts and bruises and ask him if he was ok but I just stayed where I was and waited for him to speak.
"I-I'm sorry," he said quietly
I still stood there, analyzing each mark on his face. Wondering what happened.
"Shut up."
He immediately shut his mouth before he could say another word.
I notice he was staring at me as I started to pick up his hand so I could see it better.
He touched my cheek and wiped a tear away before I even realized I was tearing up.
" How? " was all that would come out of my mouth.
" You..."
He turned around and walked away towards the main entrance of the school.