I'm sipping cola rn and it's so flat, it basically hurts. Which probably means i shouldn't drink it but I've finished it now and I am now going to move on to the topic of this article. (Btw I'm so sorry I haven't posted, I honestly forgot)


So I'm a teenager. WOO! :( And I have these things called hormones and now because of these dumbass hormones, I like a guy....

At this point of this time (27/03/2018) I have liked this guy twice. Once in 2016? and now. I seriously have no idea why the hell I like this stupid guy, he's honestly such a mess and just messy and confusing. He switches too much. It's like when I try to find clothes to wear when I'm going out, like MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I have a few classes with this guy and today he told me "Go away." with a wave of his hand. I felt so offended, what a dumb bitch he is. He's called girls sluts and been rude to my friends and yet my hormones are like "today and maybe tomorrow we will be liking this guy" and i overthink like crazy and i hate it. I wish it would go from my life.

I actually have a lot more to say but I can't be bothered today so maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile I want to make a tag. If you decide to talk about your crush, then do the My Crush Is Challenge.