Quantity: For a 15 cm mold (with high edge)



•150 g of white wheat flour
•90 g of margarine
•90 g of brown sugar
•20 g of cocoa
•15 g of water
•8 g of chemical yeast
•1 pinch of salt


•500 g of natural soy yogurt
•100 g of margarine
•100 g of brown sugar
•60 ml of natural soy milk
•50 g of walnuts
•10 g of cornstarch
•1 vanilla pod (seeds only)
•1 pinch of salt


Mix the margarine, flour, cocoa, sugar, yeast and salt to form a grit.
Add the water and mix to form a dough.
Stretch the dough with a rolling pin until it is 4-5 mm thick.
Grease a tall mold and pour it with the dough. Puncture the surface by different points with the help of a fork so that the dough does not rise. Rerserva.
Heat the oven to 180º.
To prepare the cheesecake filling, melt the margarine in a bowl.
On the other hand, heat the soy milk and dissolve the cornstarch in it. If necessary, use a blender to eliminate lumps.
Cut the vanilla pod in half and take out the seeds. Add them to the margarine.
Also add to the melted margarine the mixture of soy milk and cornstarch, yogurt, sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt.
Mix and pour into the mold.
Place the split nuts and pieces of dough on top of the filling.
Bake the cheesecake at 180º for 75-80 minutes or until it clicks with a stick, it comes out clean.
Let the cheesecake cool before removing it.


22 septiembre, 2016
Autor: Delantal de Alces