First love. I've always thought that I've fallen in love for the first time when I was 10years old. He was my classmate, we were both Harry Potter fans, and we'd spend the whole time together talking about Harry Potter.

I thought he was my first love, but I've never really known what love until I met this guy.

I just turned 19years old back then. My first year in university. My first day in university. I saw this guy and I just knew it, he was the one. I didn't know who he is or what his major is but something about him caught my attention or rather say, my heart.

He was handsome. Not extremely handsome, but handsome. He wasn't very tall though, a little taller than me. Black hair. Brown eyes. A little shy. He had the most gorgeous smile ever. My heart would skip a beat everytime he smiles at me.

We actually eventually started talking, he made the first move and yes. After a while we started dating. He was everything I've ever wanted in a guy. I loved him unconditionally. A lot. He was the center of my world.

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But that was the biggest mistake I've ever made. Because not soon after that, our relationship turned from heaven to hell. And it ended in a bad way. And I've suffered a lot afterwards.