Since I started watching Riverdale about a week ago I totally am in love with this show. I created a Riverdale Collection and saw a few articles about this tag and I decided to do it as well.
Have Fun!

1. Who´s your favourite female character?

riverdale, veronica lodge, and camila mendes image riverdale, camila mendes, and veronica lodge image
I know she can be a bit manipulative sometimes but I still love Veronica.

2. Who´s your favourite male character?

riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image Image removed
I love Archie, he´s such a cute boyfriend and I really love that Jughead is always fighting for what he wants.

3. Who´s your least favourite female character?

riverdale and cheryl blossom image riverdale and cheryl blossom image
Penelope Blossom. I really really hate her.

4. Who´s your least favourite male character?

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No one would be sad if one day Hal would just... disappear

5. Have you read the comics?

Archie, Betty, and comics image comic, Archie, and kiss image
No, I honestly didn´t even know about them. Maybe I´ll read ´em

6. Who´s your favourite parent?

riverdale, fred andrews, and diner image comic, tv show, and fred andrews image
Didn´t even need a second to think about this, Fred is my absolute favourite parent!

7. Who´s your least favourite parent?

Image removed light blue, icon, and inspo image
No need to explain ugh

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

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At first I was kind of bored but all of my friends talked about it, so I decided to watch it as well. Was the best decision in a long time.

9. Who do you ship the most?

riverdale, kj apa, and camila mendes image couple, riverdale, and aesthetic image
Varchie is love, Varchie is life

10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who did you think did it?

Cheryl, jason, and riverdale image riverdale and trevor stines image

I was a bit clueless. At first I thought the Serpents did it but later I got the feeling that the Blossom Family might be involved.

riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image

That´s it! In case you want to have a look at my Riverdale Collection, here´s a link. Thanks for reading! <3